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Inert Gas - Total Flood Systems Inert gas systems are a safe way to protect equipment, as the gasses are non-toxic and effective in suppressing fires. Humans can be in the presence of such gas discharge for short or prolonged periods without adverse effects on human health. One such system is the total flooding solution normally filling a whole room with extinguishing agent. Inert agents are HFC227, Innergen, NOVEC1230, Nitrogen, Argon and Helium.
CO2 Gas - Total Flood Systems CO2 is an extremely dangerous yet effective means of suppressing fire conditions, which is why it is a norm to include a citrus deodoriser on the system. As CO2 is odourless, the citrus smell is an early warning of CO2 discharge, providing a warning for evacuation. Due to the toxicity of CO2, internationally CO2 systems are being removed and replaced with inert gas systems, and remaining systems carry a heavy tax. Specialists is required to clean up the CO2 in case of a suppression system activation or leak. In cases where cylinders requiring discharge, on a service call or at decommissioning, such discharge must be done by qualified specialists in an approved manner.
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Localised Protection - Cost effective Localised protection is accomplished by using a system targeting the affected area and not rely on total flooding for suppression. FireTrap is such a system, using fire & heat sensitive tubing for detection and delivery purposes. Other than with total flooding systems which is prone to false alarms, and activated by electronics, FireTrap systems can only be activated by actual flames or heat by bursting the detection tubing. By bursting the tube, suppression is activated, and electronics is used for warning purposes, not for activation. A further advantage of a system such as FireTrap, is that it is cost effective to install (in certain applications cost 10% that of a total flooding system), and maintain. After activation, it normally takes an half an hour to re-instate the system per unit, other than total flooding systems sometime taking up to two weeks.
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Watermist Watermist systems are ideal for suppressing fire on live electricity and oil based fires. The water molecules are broken down to less than 50micron, ensuring no feedback from electricity and no combustion from oil fires. Our watermist systems are also used for cooling down immediate areas for operators, such as vehicle cabs, in high risk jobs, such as smelting plants wher there is an immanent risk of fire and loss of life. Watermist is also used for dust suppression, especially in manufacturing plants, where dust create explosive atmospheres.
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