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Entry Level Systems Entry level systems normally consist of either a keypad readers, a biometric reader, or a single tag reader for purpose of protecting a single point of access. These systems are normally standalone and not connected to a monitoring or  controlling system.  These systems are vey simple and limited in operational abilities, such as implementing anti-  passback protocols.
Access Control Systems Access Control systems provide “control” over access points, meaning a units connected to a system and network, allowing for implementation of features such as anti-passback protocols, alert warnings, and instant reporting. Such system normally consist of numerous access points with a number of users, each issued an individual means of access, whether it being an access card, access code or registration of finger prints. These systems can be managed from a central point without the necessity of visiting the point of access with each user for programming purposes.
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Access Barriers Access control entails much more than access readers and software, and require barriers to successfully use and implement access control. Such barriers include turnstiles, gates, sliding gates, swing gates, traffics barriers, sliding doors, bollards, and security doors. We supply & install all such barriers with a wide range to select from, may it be for industrial application or company lobbies where aesthetically pleasing units is required. Our models include mild steel and various grading of stainless steel.
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